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Road Scholar Motivational Tee's

Hang these in your closet, over yourself,
your friends and even on your wall.
Trevor's Very Own Quotes
The more we move.jpg
The More We Move, The More We Move Others
A road quote that came from a hug.
STRONGTH is the strength to survive the toughest of any situation.
STRONGTH is keeping the strongest
Mind, Body and Spirit.
STRONGTH is the Greatest Altitude of Attitude.
You are not broken. We all limp at times.
If I am not limping on both legs by the end of the day, I haven't traveled far enough.
FOCUS towards your success by building upon the correct formula
You Are Very Important.
Share You With The World
Sometimes getting lost in discovery is the way to go if it doesn't seem like you are going anywhere at all.
Finding yourself is an amazing discovery
Finding there is so much more is awesome
Be Awesome. Be Yourself.
Life can have terrifying moments.
Surpassing the fear can be breathtaking
There is a great span between where I was to where I am currently.
Many more steps to reach beyond.
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