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" It is often better to write quotes with words you understand,

                                   than to quote words you know nothing about ".

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  Helping others to take steps, starts with a helping hand.

“When a person is given support they are given strength. When they are given strength, they are given a reason to carry on. This is called hope.

I have walked along mountains and valleys. Sometimes shivering from my own sweat.

Every day starts with uncertainty. Every day ends with hope.

In between hope and uncertainty are the dreams.

It is the dreams that help us carry on.

The dreams we can believe into reality”.  

That is in Faith. Trevor Redmond

Above, and yes below, are my very own quotes I have discovered and have written as I have navigated through life and along the streets, roads and highways of this nation.

I have listened to many many inspirational quotes from others that came long before my own footsteps, that have put me on a path of discovery.

I wish to share my findings and help you navigate towards becoming your own greatest hero. " Discovering what makes you important will be your own greatest discovery ".

I hope you too will gather and share the wisdom of your own journeys.

Not all maple leaves are red and not all people 

are the same.

That is what makes us special all together.

- the fellow in yellow -

Actively Inclusively

See you soon.

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