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Actively Inclusively


The pillar between the load of a persons recovery and a persons health and a persons health and a persons recovery is mobility. It holds both sides of our wellness.

We NEED to construct that pillar with concrete mobility.

We heal as we move.
If you want to move as much after your recovery then consider how much movement you put into your recovery.

How much you will move is all about how much you do MOVE.
            Move the MIND through exercise.
                      Move the BODY through exercise.
                                Move your SPIRIT around in exercise.

   Good Exercise   Good Food   Good Rest   Good Health

Here is a GREAT MOBILITY story.

A 15 year old boy almost loses his leg from a car accident
- He is told, if he keeps his leg, he may be using a cane for the rest of his life. Restricting his mobility.
- Do Not do physical labor and avoid hills, he was told.,

   but, this boy loves moving as much as he can.
- Through GREAT doctors, nurses, coaches and extreme physio/physical therapy, the teen manages to go far beyond expectation,, not without effort.

     - Any challenge he took on in life made him stronger.
- On this boys 35th birthday, he began a 11 421km walk. AND THEN bicycled 14 632km Across Canada.
--- I think you know who that boy was,,

    A man who will run across this country in his 50's.

    Mobility is So Very Important

The World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a pandamic, yet there remains a pandemic that was here both before and after Covid-19,,

        that is,,

Physical Inactivity! 

COVID-19 took 6 million lives in a 2 year period.

Physical Inactivity can take 6.4 million in the same time..

If vaccines have supported survival from a viral pandemic,

surely we can move towards a cure for physical inactivity..


- The boy (myself) I mentioned above did manage to

have Covid early last year,

- after almost two years of prevention.

- He previously was vaccinated for Covid.

- He managed to accumulate over 24 million steps

within a 2 year period through the Covid pandemic.

- Averaging over 32 000 steps/day.


I have and I am surviving pandemics.

 I'm not out to beat records, I'm out to beat the odds


Take your shot of Mobility. And help People Move.

Helping Others To Take Steps,

                                                   Starts With A Helping Hand.





Consider Mobility For All

Everyone should be able to access everywhere anyone else can move. When you remove barriers you have given access to mobility. You have included and made mobility inclusive to everyone.

SAFELY, close your eyes and try to navigate.

Imagine going with your friend to a play and not being capable of hearing the dialogue.


Navigate stairs from a wheelchair?


Imagine trying to navigate this world with mobility issues.


Consider being a Mobility Ally when you navigate.

Consider advising and reporting issues you may come across on your travels that may inhibit others with mobility issues.

When you shovel your sidewalk, consider getting a jump on your neighbors sidewalk too, and shovel it as well.


So, many people will appreciate it.


braille over buttons

Mobility March

I hereby make this declaration within the year of 2023, that upon henceforth, from now until eternity that the month of March shall now be proclaimed

Consider all of the months of the year and then consider the one month who's  name commands movement.
January, February, MARCH, April, June, July, August

Let us consider March a month when we focus on                           EveryBody's Mobility.






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