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Mobility for All
The Movement
for Movement

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To overcome the obstacles,
To push back the walls,
To break down the barriers,
To surpass what handicaps.


When I was very young my father once said he would go there and back to help a certain person.

When I pressed him of how far that was, he told me, to the ends of the earth and back.

When I became much an adult and considered a journey across Canada
in support of the lives interrupted by injury, trauma and illness,
I considered my fathers good words and what an impact they could make if placed into action in supporting others. I looked at the impact cancer had on people directly and indirectly; the people I knew, the people I know and the people I will know. 

If I was to go across Canada to support all Canadians, I would have to go to the ends of the earth and back,  across this nation if necessary.
The ends of the Canadian earth from west to east; 
The Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, as I tried to reach as many Canadians 
upon the land in between.

With every thought of the people I knew and every word from the people that I met, I was moved to move forward. 

I was motivated by the thought that there would be a cure, and that it takes many many steps to reach that destination.
The more steps taken now, the closer the destination could arrive.
I took millions and millions of steps.

"Every step that is taken, is a step towards a cure", became my moto.

An old quote  resonated , "an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure".

What if exercise was part of that cure for cancer?
If you prevent a disease in an individual, is it not a cure in that prevention? Not that exercise is a cure all, but if it reduces the odds in many people of contracting cancer, could it not be a cure for them specifically?
Eating healthy and required rest combined?

I put prevention first. I was out to beat the odds. For myself. For others.

I was out to put prevention first.
I went There & Back for cancer prevention, research and awareness.

The side affect and effect, of movement and exercise as a medicine,
can reach deeply into preventing or improving the conditions of many other disorders, illnesses and disease. So, I moved and was moved.

With the distance I have traveled, I have been asked if I am out to or
do I have motivation to beat some record...?

"I am not out to beat records, I'm out to beat the odds"

One of my favorite quotes, "actions speak louder than words", I put to foot.

I took over 15 million steps walking across this nation. 
"if not repeated, never said".
And when on my bicycle ride There & Back across Canada, I said myself,
"If actions speak louder than words, I must be screaming".

In doing, so on my journey; previous, during and after, 
I have overcome obstacles, pushed back the walls, broken down barriers and surpassed what may have handicapped me.

Be your own greatest hero

I became my own greatest hero. An un-reluctant one.

I have many heroes, many of them. Each inspiring me with words and actions I could mentor my life upon. Being a beacon in the darkness and laying a foundation to place my feet upon.

Seeing through my own eyes where and what each impact of my steps could mean towards others. Going further than you can imagine is incredible motivation to move you forward.

My Formula
"step towards yourself,
step inside yourself,
step outside yourself,
step around yourself,
step away from yourself,
and most importantly,
step beyond yourself."

Find your ability. Share your ability. Be your own greatest hero.

"Helping others to take steps, starts with a helping hand".
My greatest motivation is the fear that currently someone is facing a tremendous hurdle. They are in need of guidance and support to overcome their own obstacle and they have little resources around them to overcome this burden.
I know that I may not have all the answers to guide them over, though or around, but I will offer a hand, I try to take every step I can to reach them.

I have navigated my way down and along similar roads.
My motivation is to try to help give direction for you
when you may need support. 

Yet, I myself need considerable support in keeping myself moving.
Every single step I take is a single different prayer.
That I can continue to move.

"The more we move, the more we move others".

Lets be motivated to move together. 

I am asking the people I meet now, to help me move,
Help me move Halifax, my current home.
If we can move Halifax, we can gather support to move all of Nova Scotia.
We can move the whole Maritimes if we are motivated to move together.
If we move together, we can move all of Canada.
As wise and healthy Canadians,
we can move everyone in all of our world. 

There & Back is as far as you can go to help someone. 
There & Back is also about recovery.

My motivation is to go There & Back for the health, mobility and recovery for every Canadian. Together, as Canadians, we will move this world.

People ask me how long it took to recover from my injuries.
I always say that I still am,
                                                but what a recovery!
                                              WE HEAL AS WE MOVE


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