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The land bent and folded me, like in the makings of a sword,,

and the people I met, gave me the materials to withstand the impact.

Thank you,,, you have moved me.

My husband and I have been the sole organizers of the Terry Fox Run near Creemore, Ontario for over 10 years now. 

We were up in Nipigon for a family funeral this past weekend and finally made it to Thunder Bay to see the Terry Fox Memorial. 

On the way back we stopped at the actual marker on the Courage Highway and met the most incredible young man. 

I guess you already know that.  We met Trevor.  It was such an emotional time I think for all 3 of us at that spot.  I still can't believe we met him there.  Great thing he is doing.

Just wanted to say it was wonderful meeting Trevor and

to thank him for taking the time to talk with us.

You are doing great Trevor. 

Marilyn & Neil

Good luck with your journey I have great respect for you doing this and taking thousand of steps to make others see that if we all took

a step, we could change the world. Steph.


My name is Marie. I don't know if this is the address where we can write and so Trevor can read it. Anyway, I start by excusing myself for my mistakes. In Québec we don't have many chances to practice English.

I was working today in a Metro (a small grocery close to the bridges in Québec city) when an Anglophone came to my cashier and asked me if I speak English. Being not very fluent when I speak, I, most of the time, listen and answer with the shortest sentences possible. But, with the story this man was telling me, I just totally forgot I was able to speak English. He is walking from Vancouver to the Eastern limit of Canada... I just couldn't believe it. It's sad we didn't heard about this huge project earlier because I'm sure lots of people would have agreed to help him and talk and walk with him. Maybe some posters in the main places he had planned to visit or something would have gathered more people and more help.

Anyway, one thing is sure, it's that you really are an example of strength and will for every person of our modern time. You decided to do something we all think is impossible because we wouldn't just dare to do it! Really in life we have idols and person to who we owe lots of respect and you certainly are one of them for me.

Keep on walking, and I'll now walk with you. Maybe not in the same step as you but you opened my eyes on how donating can be important. Thanks a lot again.
P.S. : If you ever come to Québec city again, let me know and

I'll be proud to do what ever is possible for me to help you and make people support you.


Hi Trevor - These are pics I took of you on Rama Road between Washago and Orillia, Ontario.  September 2006.  It was raining and

I stopped and we had a short chat.  I told you my mom had recently been diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer - she died on Feb 11th this year.  Hope you are ok. 


Hello from St. Peter’s and River Bourgeois, Cape Breton Island.

We had the pleasure of meeting Trevor today at noon in St. Peter’s.
He is doing a superb job; lots of steps indeed.
I later saw him that afternoon at 3:30 p.m. just to the east of the Louisdale overpass on the 104. He was chatting with a stopped vehicle going in the opposite direction.

We are all watching for your progress as you take on such a mission.
Many thanks.       

Ida in River Bourgeois


I am not sure which route Trevor is taking back through Ontario, but if he is going anywhere near Paris, Ontario (between Cambridge and Brantford), my husband Paul and I would love to help him out with some food and even a place to stay (if he doesn't mind sleeping on our couch :)

I saw a profile of Trevor on the Weather Network this morning and it touched my heart. You seem to be a wonderful man Trevor and I find this trek you're on inspiring and courageous. God bless you as you do what the rest of us only wish we had the courage and conviction to do ourselves.

All the best!

~ Jenn

Hi Trevor,
A friend just pointed me to your web site where I learned all about your amazing journey. 

You are such an inspiration. I have participated in cancer walks for several years but none that come close to scoping the magnitude of your walks.

That said, I remember so vividly the faces of people who thanked us for walking on their/their loved ones’ behalf. I remember seeing their eyes well up and communicate their gratitude in a way words cannot express.

Have you encountered these faces? I hope so. For you are doing so very much to help make a difference in people’s lives – and you are certainly doing more than me – I only walked 60 km over two days and raised under $4,000. 

I just made a donation to PMH.

​I really just wanted to thank you personally

and see how I could help further.
Take good care,
Sheryl : )
Toronto, ON

​Hi Trevor;

It was an honor to meet with you and offer you my hospitality in July.
You are a great young man with unique personality and I wish you all the
best in anything you decide to do. My door is always open for you.

Your friend Mariana.

Hi There,

My name is Rick. My dad and I were at Dog Tooth Lake near Kanora and we came from Timmins Ontario to go Fishin and when we pulled in just before dark, we seen this little hut on wheels and a little tent didn't know who was there or if anyone at all was there but then came out Trevor.

We started talkin. He told us a little about what he was doing and I asked him Why And He said (CAUSE I CAN) Around

1 am we said bye to Trevor as he walked on down the highway as he said he would rather walk at night....(less Heat) I am very happy to hear his cause. I just lost an aunt and unlce from cancer within one year, so thank you very much and Hope your trip back is a good one........

Take Care of your self Trevor

The REEBS.......


Attached are the pictures we took of you at our home in Conception Bay South, NL. We hope that you will encounter great hospitality and that your quest will be quite successful. We have certainly enjoyed having you as a guest. We are delighted that you made the trip to Newfoundland and didn't end your "cross Canada" trip in Halifax as do the majority of people. NL is forgotten about so often. Only when you visit our island can you appreciate why we have lived here for 500 years!!

K Rowe


I saw your inspiring story on TV today and have just made

a donation on line. I have been a nurse for some 35 years and have seen more of this devastating disease and how it changes everyone that it touches. With dedicated young people like yourself we will find a cure in this lifetime.

When you are in Calgary on your way back and need a soft bed and a hearty meal ( plus lots of hugs ) please give us a call.


PS - Your parents must be very proud of you !!

​Hi Trevor,

I'm so very proud of you! I just seen you made it to Kingston.

Back in September, north of the Sault, Jean Claude and I helped you pull your cart up a very little bit of a very long hill in the blistering heat. I've thought of you often since then and my heart reaches out to you to wish you strength to go on, day in, day out, rain or shine.

Since meeting you, I've done a few cycling trips (some to raise funds for multiple sclerosis) which have been a bit of a struggle up those hills, and I have thought of you to keep me going. I can't thank you enough for that inspiration.

This weekend JC and I cycled the gorgous highway through Algonguin Park. We both wondered about your whereabouts and wellbeing. Keep in mind on those long stretches that you are not alone out there: you are in our thoughts -- and obviously those of many others.


Hey there,       
Thought I would share this with you....when I was taking Casey back to school I noticed this small trailer moving alongside the road...

at first i thought it was horse drawn and so took an interest...then

I could see the fellows feet ..they were turned and pointing out and you could see he was clearly struggling...I was amazed as this guy hauled the trailer up the hill and I honked my support..I took notice of him and I made a mental note to look for him on my way home...

I saw him...he was maybe 30 miles from where I had seen him the day before..god bless this guy.....he is front men drumming up support...or donations. That alone compelled me to check and see if he had a web site.........found two with similar names..outfitters though....then I found him...his story is in the letters and his pages.....I honestly got tears in my eyes as I saw him on the road....please check out his website. 



Sault Ste. Marie​

Just keep on truckin my friend. Get some big plastic bags. When the wind is right let them catch wind and they will help you along. I hope your health is holding good and the new moccasins on your feet and the cart are holding out. If you built some light weight panels that would fold out to catch the wind ,it would be almost like wind surfing.

Have a great day.


Your Friend, Farmer Joe

Hi Trevor! I'm keeping track of you so its good to hear from you now and again. Im the guy who stopped to talk to you just east of Edmonton, then 2 days later by Innisfree then again just as you were getting to Lloydminster. You have probably met so many people that it is a blur. Keep going! Good for you!


Hi Trevor. Well you are doing GREAT keep it up Yes Ontario is a big province but am sure you will meet a lot of wonderful people on your journey and as you get into eastern provinces it will be a wonderful experience for you as the people in east are warm and friendly.

Make sure you enjoy some lobster. Maxine, Calgary.

Hey Trevor so good to hear from you. I was just thinking about you yesterday and was so happy to hear from you today!! I have to tell you how great you make me feel again, although I have no cash to donate you touched my life and I am making that effort to eat better and take better care of myself. I have felt very used in my years and started to feel sorry for myself.
Now I am pullin up my socks and love life and realize how bad things could become if I kept up the destructive behavior. You are using your time so very constructively!! If I didn't take the inspiration from you it would make your journey less worthwhile! So thank you again young man for inspiring me!! All good thoughts to ya!! Karen

Trevor, I don't know where or when you will receive this email, but I met you on the highway outside of Saskatoon. I felt quite odd pulling away from you and you probably had thirty kilometers or more to walk. But it is still something I think of from time to time, and I look at your site to see where you are. I hadn't been on in a couple of days and you have landed in Winnipeg....
How has it been? I hope you are still having fun and keeping people happy. It is an amazing thing you are doing. In the event that you've forgotten I was a reporter for the newstalk radio station and got to spend about 45 minutes with you. It's great to see you are still walking. Good luck I don't expect you to reply, but I will keep track of where you are. Tom.

I want you to know that meeting you has inspired me more than you can imagine. I had, had a few days in a row prior to our meeting where miracle meetings and events took place that ultimately has changed many things in my life. But as I was pulling into Kamloops (that evening I met you) from my trip back from Vancouver Island I had begun to place my mask on and enter into my day to day mind set.

When our paths crossed, and I listened to you talk I was touched by your words. They were what I needed to hear to not go back to the way life was for me. I am no longer working, I am resting, WALKING and enjoying getting my own Healing Practice up and running, because that is my dream.

What you are doing is an inspiration and you are waking others up too I am sure.

Laughter, light and luck. Sandra.

Hi Trevor: I'm the lady that read your article in the Standard-Freeholder (Cornwall) and came out to meet you on the highway and then arranged for the kids at the St. Lawrence Intermediate School to meet with you on your way through Cornwall.

I am still shaking my head in disbelief at your awe-inspiring strength and determination to complete this mission that you have set out upon. I know I said it too many times to count, but I truly believe you are an inspiration to everyone to follow their dreams. I'm sure you have influenced more people than you can ever imagine with your goals and achievements along this journey.

I will continue to follow your journey and look forward to your updates on the website. As I saw you on the highway and we discussed some of your close calls along the way, this traditional Irish blessing came to mind.

Trevor please keep this in mind as you continue your travels:

"May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, the sun shine warm upon your face, the rains fall soft upon your fields, and until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand."

All the best, Heather (and Meagan and Alex) Cornwall.

Thank you for your regarding the steps taken with the Mayor in June. 

Please note, Mayor O'Brien would like you to know how proud he is of your journey and your fight for a cure for cancer. He considered it a privilege to meet and walk with you.

Again, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts

with Mayor O'Brien.  He wishes you health and safety in your journey.


Lori Trenaman
for Mayor Larry O'Brien

Hi Trevor.

I just read your update from August 20th. 

I wondered where you were, and how things are going. 

My name is Clyde, and I know you won't remember me from all your travels, but that doesn't matter. I spoke with you on the TCH between Grand Falls-Windsor and Badger, Newfoundland.  I was so impressed by the task you have taken on, but disappointed at the financial support you have gotten. 

The challenge you have taken on is unbelievable!  You have instilled courage in so many Canadians, including me.  I admire you for the commitment you have shown.  You, more than anyone else, should be proud!!  Don't feel bad if you don't totally reach the goal you set. 

I believe the most important thing is that you set an extraordinary example for Canadians, and being an Atlantic Canadian,  HANG YOUR HEAD HIGH!! 

It's from people like you that we get the courage to carry on.

Good luck in whatever you do.


On Friday May 19th, my ten year old daughter and I left Edmonton to drive and see my great Aunt in Shellbrook, Saskatchewan.

Along our drive we saw Trevor and tried to slow down and read the sign and honk.

We unfortunately knew nothing about what he was doing. I got enough info off the wagon that I explained to my daughter that he was walking across Canada and back to raise money for cancer. Her immediate response was, " well if he does that he will be my HERO"

Breaking a mother's heart I said that if we passed him on the way home that we would get out and stop and see him. She had a million questions, as ten years olds do.

She had done lots of research on Terry Fox in the fall and actually every fall since kindergarten. She told every relative and friend in Sask about what she saw, even knowing very little. She was amazed that he didn't have a truck following him.

So on the way home, Sunday May 21st we passed him after just commenting that maybe we had missed him. She perked up after her long boring drive and had all the questions running through her head again. She might have been quiet when we talked to him but her little mind was working. I did a u turn and went back to talk to him.

My daughter ( Alanna ) is on crutches after a bike accident and so she had to hobble her way to him. He was very nice and stopped and talked to us and joked around alot and stuff. She got a picture and off we went.

A million more questions on the drive home, all the stuff that she forgot to ask. I said that we would look it up on the internet when we got home. She had it all planned out on the ride home that she would present a report to her class about this! This has really touched her and I can only support her.

We have not really been affected by cancer in our family, many other tragedies but not too much cancer. It is amazing to see her get so interested in this and we will mark down when he will be back in the province. Her foot would be better and she would love to walk with him.

As a mom, you take in the great little moments. I have 4 kids and so, one on one time is rare and to have this great thing to talk about was a wonderful gift. It was funny because we had just stopped in Lloydminister and got the picture of her standing on the boarder of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Walking back to the car, Alanna hobbling, she says, " oh I gotta sit down after walking across that province ! "

​Trevor also said to her about her foot... it is like falling off the horse, you get back up and ride again. That was the perfect comment after I had listened to her all weekend saying that she hated her bike. She is a very active girl, all my kids are and so that really took her out of all of her Fun. Thanks for listening and I hope that we will get to follow along with this journey and GOOD LUCK.

Thank You All

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