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March 26, 2021


On the Move

Health & Mobility for All




The Fellow in Yellow

The More We Move

Since July 1st, 2019; I have taken many steps to encourage health and mobility for all. On average, over 1 000 000 steps per month.

I know, the more we move, the more we move others.

I get up every morning and set off to my full time job. I take many steps during the day. In the evenings and weekends you may find me along the streets of Halifax, running in place. When asked by folks, what is my cause?, I reply, "its the BEcause".

I have faced both physical and emotional trauma in my life. As a teen, almost losing my lower left leg after a collision with a vehicle in 1986. With support I persevered.

I am recovering, even now.

Averaging 33 000 steps a day on my pursuit to run across Canada, "because I can".

The run will be for health,  and mobility of all. It will also, strongly, be for recovery.

Helping others to take steps starts with a helping hand and I would like to put my best hand forward in helping others to take those required steps.

I have walked 11 421 km and bicycled 14 632 km across Canada in the past.

Taking over 15 million steps and causing the wheels of my bike to spin 7 million times each. 


With a million steps per month currently being produced, I am currently placing every footfall, in support of the kids of Brigadoon Village, because I will.

Supports our extraordinary kids.

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The more we move,

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See you soon.

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