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The Movement for Movement

Hide and Seek
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"If you reach a child that can remember, 

You'll have an adult that won't forget"

Trevor Redmond

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A There & Back Brigadoon Village Run

Previously, I have walked 11 421 km and
bicycled 14 632 km, across Canada for cancer prevention,
research and awareness.

I discovered so much through so many people.
In my efforts to make an impact on cancer, with every and any step, I also realized, some of the same steps impact other illnesses as significantly. 

I am now out to encourage everyone to make an impact.
My efforts are towards health, mobility and recovery.

for all

And I am moving for all.                     Because I Can.

On June 4th, I departed Halifax for Brigadoon Village.

I traveled along the Evangeline Trail
towards this camp
that provides fun and support
for children with special needs.

On June 11th, I arrived at
Brigadoon Village in support of children struggling with such serious issues as:

Bereavement      Neurosurgery Conditions      Epilepsy              Visually Impaired     Kidney Disease     Heart Conditions   
Parental Mental Illness              Juvenile Arthritis   
   Diabetes            Crohn's, Colitis, Ostomy, cecostomy
      Hearing Impaired     Celiac Disease      Lung Conditions 

  Craniofacial Differences                 Bleeding Disorders
        Children Living With or Beyond Cancer
  Juvenile Arthritis                     Summer Leadership Program

PLEASE, support Brigadoon Village and their efforts.

From Brigadoon Village, I traveled by foot back to Halifax to arrive June 16th. I will continue to be on the streets from time to time, now and beyond. Just look for the fe
LLow in yeLLow.

I am doing There & Back Canada
YouTube videos,
so please subscribe for updates, camping videos and some footage of this upcoming run.

Cheers Folks                                                      example below


Movement for Movement

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