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With many barriers to overcome, I am setting my sights towards the road again. I will take to the Canadian roadways once more. 
The road just to reach the starting line of that journey will be a long one.
Without vision we are blind,
Without focus we don't see.
If we keep looking in the same direction,
we will miss all that there is to discover.
If we look only through our own eyes,
We may never discover what is there.
Step towards yourself. Step inside yourself. Step outside yourself.
Step around yourself. Step away from yourself. And most importantly...
Step beyond yourself.

With all of your support

You can locate the communities and dates the There & Back Canada tour will journey through by zooming in and clicking on

the trail of tiny maple leafs.

Dates to be updated

    Helping others to take steps, starts with a helping hand.

When a person is given support they are given strength. When they are given strength,

they are given a reason to carry on. This is called hope.

I have walked along mountains and valleys. Sometimes shivering from my own sweat.

Every day starts with uncertainty. Every day ends with hope.

In between hope and uncertainty are the dreams. It is the dreams that help us carry on.

The dreams we can believe into reality”.  That is in Faith. Trevor Redmond

    The Movement for Movement.

Hello there. My name is Trevor and I am on the move to create movement.​

In 2006/2007, I walked 11 421 km across Canada for cancer prevention, research and awareness.

and in 2009, I bicycled 14 632 km around Canada, as well. 

 Every step that is taken is a step towards a cure.

I am extending my efforts in supporting health through mobility and personal growth.

There are so many confining factors to one’s mobility and personal growth.

Disorder, illness, injury, disease,, these that can create personal disabilities.

With all my hearts devotion; I am out to promote health, recovery and mobility for all.

Considering the health benefits of mobility in  assisting prevention of illness, reducing the odds of disease occurrence, influencing better recovery results and endless other health benefits;

I am out to inspire movement and influence personal mobility infrastructure,

inclusively for all, including helping  Canadians to overcome disabilities. Physical and Mental.

“It is my objective to overcome the obstacles, push back the walls, break down the barriers and surpass what inhibits personal growth and mobility, for all.”

I would invite anyone to come support me

and I will encourage everyone to support

this movement across Canada.



                If we can remove the barriers,

       We remove that which confines us.

A song I sang 

For the preservation of the mind, the body and the human spirit



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