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Items Required

Food, water, shelter and a means to travel. 

Support/Sponsors will go towards preparations, conditioning and gathering the items required for a cross Canada run. 

The more support the better the ease of travel.

Adaptive Star AXIOM PHOENIX 3 Indoor/Outdoor
Capacity 200lbs
Mobility Stroller - $3450


Ford Transit Crew Van or a like vehicle

At $182/week lease, I would require a sponsor to loan a vehicle for the duration or $7500 min.

Cost of gas would be a multiple of approximately 0.157 x cost/L

Currently $2119.5 for the potential 9000km




or An used van plus maintenance cost. 



MEC Talon Windstopper -30C Down Expedition Sleeping Bag

Grocery-PNG-Transparent-Picture (1).png

Grocery $300/month
Per Person
$2700/ 9 months

MSR Access
2-Person Tent 2.0


Icebreaker Merino Wool
$1000 to be outfitted



996 Vioz Men’s Gore-Tex Hiking Boots - Wide
4 pairs $1656


Trail Glove 5
Trail Running Shoes
10 pairs $1725


J.B. Field's Super-Wool Hiker GX Socks - 10 pairs $150


These are just the tools for increasing a successful outcome in a +8300 kilometer run across Canada.

Great athletic preparations must also be considered and included.

What is produced in value far exceeds the cost.

- The highest paid athlete in the world earns a total of $55million(CAD) or $41million(USD)/year
- this revenue could pay for my journey within
4 hours of what would be earned in a year.

Cost of watching a 2 hour game could cost you +$100.
Cost in months watching the effort and stories of an incredible journey across Canada
much less

With approximately 440 000 people living in Halifax, Nova Scotia; to produce the above required products, it would cost about $0.05
from every Haligonian.

Given an approximated $25 000 budget;
I could accomplish and survive a run from Halifax, across Newfoundland and the rest of the Canadian Provinces.

For further perspective, this is less than a
full-time minimum wage employee would earn.

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